Two New RailWorks DLC Packs Released

RailWorks DLC package's MJA Wagon Pack and ATSF Warbonnet Pack are now available on Steam.

The MJA Wagon Pack includes the following items:

* MJA Bogie Box Twin Wagon
* 1 livery with 6 weathering & vandalised variations
* Custom sound set with unique sound effects
* Functional taillight
* Free modern Class 47 with front-end, cab and sound adjustments

The ATSF Warbonnet Pack includes the following items:

* 37-Class passenger F-Units - 37LABC through 47LABC + 48A
* 300-Class passenger F-Units - 300LAB through 316LAB
* 28 separate and highly detailed models with animated parts
* Both early and late 36" and 48" dynamic brake fans versions
* Includes "oddball" freight pilot models
* High resolution textures and custom audio files
* Optional driver and non-driver models