UCL - Universal Content Launcher v1.2 RC4


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UCL - Universal Content Launcher v1.3 RC4
UCL 1.2 RC4 is here. This is pretty much final, but without translations finished

If you are updating from 1.2 RC1 or less than it is recommended to make clean install
If you are updating from 1.2 RC2 or grater:
-then it is strongly recommended that you ReDetect Steam Content.
-If UCL shows problems at startup than delete the content.xml in the UCL folder and Re-Detect Steam Content.

If you are a C# developer and would like to join the development of UCL, or simply help by fixing bugs in releases, feel free to contact me, I'm gonna give you the chance!

Source code available here

Also, if you use UCL, we would like to know that. Please post anything in this topic. We don't ask for a thank you, but an opinion (no matter good or bad) about UCL would be great. Remember, it's your input that keeps us working for you

As a note, I would like to recommend using playlist files in UCL instead of importing music directly. UCL's speed strongly depends on the amount of content loaded into it and if you load a lot of music into it, you will notice that the loading speeds are longer.

Download the attached file.


  • - Launches all Steam content
    - Launches Audio, Video and Executable content from you hard drive
    - Steam games multilingual support
    - Optional GCF support for Steam content
    - Convenient tray menu to quickly launch the content you need
    - Online web information available in the main window, collected from various sources, which contains screenshots, reviews and game information.
    - Support for UGL option packs (will require pack renaming for all packs and repacking for showcases)
    - Cached Steam Content List (quick loading)
    - Skin support
    - Drag and drop support
    - Command line support (thus shortcut support)
    - Auto update
    - Multi-language GUI
Quickstart instructions:

  • - Make sure you have Microsoft .Net 2.0 installed and a NTFS partition to install UCL onto.
    - Unpack the UCL package onto your computer. DO NOT UNPACK UCL FILES DIRECTLY INTO YOUR STEAM FOLDER - UCL will create a link to your SteamApps folder whenever it is run so you should *NOT* have an actual SteamApps folder in the same folder as the UCL.EXE. If in doubt unpack UCL to somewhere like C:\UCL
    - Run UCL.
    -UCL will try automatically to find the steamapps folder from original steam. If not found then the Settings window will open
    **** On the Media tab, Select an Audio and Video player for playing media content if you want to use these features. Note that Steam Media is also played through the players selected here.
    **** On the Steam tab make sure you select your SteamApps folder by clicking on the "..." button and browsing to it. You can also adjust the Steam User and Language settings accordingly. Make sure the steam user you select complies with the valve steam user naming convention (i.e. no weird characters and spaces etc). If you want to use your old save games from your valve steam account, then simply use that user name in UCL.
    **** You can show this window anytime by going on Tools>Settings in the main window
    - On the menu again, select Tools and then click on "Refresh Steam Content List"
    - All your Steam content should now be visible, you will only need to re-detect Steam content if you add or remove anything in the future.
    -Before starting a source game for the first time, right click the game and click install minimum files. This is needed only once. After doing this operation you can play the game at any time
Please read Readme.txt and FAQ.txt files if you have problems.

UCL Packs (put them in UCLPacks folder):

  • Setti master server for CS:Source by Shaman

Project leader: emiderg
Original idea and source code: Mitsukarina
Active coders: emiderg, g3cka
Former coders: Mitsukarina, chedabob, mgl002
Translations: emiderg - Macedonian; mgl002 - Russian; sar3th, exposer, ut2k4master - German; dohren - Hungarian; BlackJack, rQzor - French
Steam related coding help and support: Diviton, Mitsukarina, Da_FileServer, SASiO
Steam emulator:REVOLUTiON Crew, hCUPa
SteamReg library by Da_FileServer (licensed under LGPL)
SteamFileSystem library and ServerClients namespace by Diviton
Beta testing and ideas: PJG, commandos769, CR@CK-IT
Hosting: Echo419
Installer: CR@CK-IT


  • UCL12rc4 - www.FreeSteam.org.rar
    2.2 MB · Views: 2,597
lol agree'd. This whole PM when they join shit obviously aint working. How about they can't view any other page until they read some steam101 kinda stuff?
UCL - Universal Content Launcher v1.2 RC3

Updated to v1.2 RC3
UCL - Universal Content Launcher v1.2 RC3

I don't think so as it doesn't actually crack/modify any of the Steam files.
UCL - Universal Content Launcher v1.2 RC3

Just to be safe, I used my crappy account and it works great!

You can play any game as long as you have the GCF.
Can someone get me a newer clientregistry.blob file please?? my one dosen't have the half life two GOTY edition with conterstrike source, half life source and half life two deathmatch. if anyone could that would be great!
can you add an extra tab for downloading GCF files i will supply the files on a private server !! all i need is users to upload them and update them
Why, when trying to launch CS:S or any other game, UCL shows 'Preparing Steam Content ... Please Wait
The directory name is invalid'? :confused:
Great launcher!!
1) does what does shaman's CSS uclpack do, and how do i modify it to use it?
2) left-clicking on a game gives message "web service is currently unavailable!" got a fix?
(i can still lauch games by right-click->launch game)
Hey, Seems like a cool tool but I always get an error when trying to launch Half life and Counter Strike.
Anyone know how to fix it?
It says Preparing Steam Content and then it says The directory name is invalid.

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