Unreal Tournament 1 - 2013 Retro Repack

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    Unreal Tournament 1 - 2013 Retro Repack v2.2

    Size: 438 MB

    Unreal Tournament 1
    2013 Repack v2.2 by PaCmAn for pacsteam
    This pack includes:

    * Launchers for Unreal ONLINE v451 + Unreal SP v436
    * Bonus pack 1, 2, 3 and 4
    * Latest maps (incl. CTF)
    * Latest OpenGL driver
    * Best video and audio configuration (as default)
    * Best controller configuration (most used)
    * Game registred for any official updates, addons etc.
    * Most used security modules
    In v2.2 of my UT 2013 pack I have now added launchers for
    v451 because it is the best to play online with ONLY and
    v436 because this is the most stable client for UT itself
    UT.ini fixed for people who experienced the game freezing up
    due to a sound config problem.
    The config .ini file will not be overwritten any more.
    Enjoy yet another retro repack from the PaCmAn

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