Up coming...

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- Server upgrades. Securing our server, and upgrading protection.
--- Fixing issues with server we recently found causing a couple of problems.
--- New back ups rolling now.

- Public release to come!
--- New cafe fix for public release will come in a week or 2
--- Our VIP users will get an update for their fix.
--- New system to help keep the public release strictly on our forums.

- Network updates
--- I will have FS Hosting finished tomorrow, or if I don't have enough time, then by Friday.

- FreeSteam updates
--- Still to be determined. But we will try and improve this site a bit more and get our new template rolling as it was deleted...
--- Getting us rolling a bit more than before. Trying to revamp our whole site.

- Maddoxx report ( Any posts relating to it, staff are ordered to immediately ban all members involved for 2 weeks or more )
--- Full report on the "valve hacked"
--- LINK: http://www.freesteam.org/forums/showthread.php?t=203
- Maddoxx report
--- Full report on the "valve hacked"
It will be down for a very short period because we will have the drive on the server, so it will be a fast transfer.
Ah okay :) Hope the cafe fix for vips coming out soon, so we dont have to wait anymore. would it be quicker come out then the fix for public? :)
Yes, it will be out for VIPs, and then, we will work to release a public one within a week or maybe a bit longer.
We will see, we are still discussing what exactly will be released. But I will make a notice when it comes time for public. The new private release will remain private, which will again be certs. :)
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