Update Patches Thread (LIST HERE, DO NOT REQUEST)


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This is the list of the patches that are used for the program CFToolbox to update your steam games. As soon as there is a patch made in the main thread, it will be pasted in the list.
Source games:
Half-Life 2:
None yet
Half-Life 2 Episode One:
None yet
Half-Life 2 Episode Two:
None yet
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch:
None yet
None yet
Team Fortress 2:
None yet
Day of Defeat Source:
None yet
Other games:
Please note: The game patches that are made in the main patch thread will be here. For example if there is a patch made for Vice City, the game will be added here, as well as the patch.
Administrators, please lock this thread.
And add it to stickies so everyone can access the list without searching.