Updates coming to The FreeSteam Project

Updates coming soon to The FreeSteam Project!

  • Updated chatbox/shoutbox when it becomes available.
  • Updated FS Client to fix many errors / bugs that people continue to have.
  • - Possibly re-done/re-developed version may be completed soon.
  • A work effort will be done to make FS more public, and also more advertising will be attempted to be introduced soon. Hopefully allowing us to grow, re-form, and allow people to continue to get games for free.
  • Changes to forums will be done soon possibly. Simply to re-organize and clean-up some older stuff, make them have a much simpler look as well.
  • Gaming sections will be modified to better fit the needs of Steam gamers as well as our members who play other games.
  • There is a possibility that public cheats will be a new introduction to this site. As well as it will allow further members to come here, and result in more hits/registrations.
  • - The public cheat section will be limited to a select few cheats to help keep detections to a minimum. Also, there will be an area for people to submit cheats, but there will be requirements to that.
  • Other work may also be done to help improve the quality of this website including a new home page that will be introduced this weekend.
  • Other misc. changes may be made during the process of this work.
Along with all these changes, I hope to be able to improve everyone's experience here at FreeSteam and allow them to enjoy it at it's fullest.

News will be posted about progress, updates, and possibly about other changes that will be done or need to be done.

In other news, around the network...
  • New changes to the Cafe website have be done, and new registrations / purchasing of cafes have been allowed, visit FreeSteam Cafe Network [ FSCN ] - Official Cafe Head Quarters (Powered by Invision Power Board) for more information.
  • The FS Network website, our primary domain will be in one way closed down and the network will hopefully take upon a new name soon. But for now, it will be changed slightly and an error that is occuring will be fixed.
  • Many sites will be cleaned up around the server and if you have any content because you have an FTP account, hosting, etc you may want to back up any important data, or PM me immediately with more information.
  • Our torrent site that we were waiting for a new update for, is now ready to go and will hopefully be open to the public within the week. This will offer some FS/Steam specific content, along with other general material like apps, music, movies, etc. Please note: The tracker will be public. The site itself will be fairly simple until design updates can be made.

As hopefully many of you know, we are on a new server, and because of that have had some downtime. All these issues have been resolved and we hope that you can help support us by donating money to provide for the server payment. Thank you!

If you have any suggestions, wants, needs, or changes to the list about, please post them here.
Well. Really nice. Hope the updates bring much to freesteam. Might much more users :). I love the forum. But it can might get some optimizes as above told.
Sounds NICE! WW3. Cant wait, if you need anyhelp with anything you think i could do. PM me. Cant wait to get this place to full potential again.
Sounds NICE! WW3. Cant wait, if you need anyhelp with anything you think i could do. PM me. Cant wait to get this place to full potential again.

If you would like, make a new header/banner for us.

Basically no restrictions, do what you feel is best. Size should be probably no taller than our current 1, but it can be wider if you would like.
I'd like to post some progress on these updates.

- Forum software updated to gold version of vBulletin 3.7.0
- Forum mods/addons updated and fixed.
- Shoutbox now works again.
- vBSEO errors fixed for the most part, waiting for a new update.
- Forums have been modified, moved around a bit, and reduced in size.
- Gaming section has been changed a bit, but more work is to be done.
- Forums have been adjusted to increase Google stats, and also to make most topics more public for people to read.

- New homepage development will be hopefully majority finished tomorrow.
1. good updates :)
2. You need to update the redirect of last posted threads. It still redirect to board.freesteam.org.....
3. Lets see how good the new homepage is, when its done :p
File(s)/Setting(s) fixed to allow more features to work properly including the statistics at the bottom of the forums.

I was able to also get a bit of work done on the new FS homepage today in class and hope to get a lot more done tomorrow as well.

Also, possibility of a cracked GMOD 10 server is going to be put on the table.
Later on today, the following updates will take place:
- Layout of Newsletter / start of mag (Possibly).
--- Team created as needed.
- Arcade added to forums.
- New homepage layout / site beta tested.
- Fixes to some status images, icons, and smilies.
With all the updates you have stated, my suggestions have gone out the window. Well done and looking forward to seeing these implemented.
He's taking everything onto his own hands, I'm glad for him to do so as I'm so busy lately. Keep it up!

Good to see you here, ArucarD.
Aha, in about 5 hours or so a lot of updates will be taking place and there may be some offline time on the forums, just a notice.