Use Kaspersky Internet Security 6.x without any keys


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One of the best internet security apps out there far better than Norton and PC Trillan.

1-  ( Start ) then ( Run )
2- Type ( regedit ) and press ( OK )
3- Go To ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVP6\Data ) & Right Click On ( Data ) & Choose ( Permissions )
4- Choose ( Advanced ) From The ( Permissions For Data ) New Window Opened
5- In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) Window .. There is a sentnce which begin with ( Inherit from parent ... ) click on the nike or check mark to remove it
6- After Removing the check or nike mark you will get a new message .. choose from it ( Remove )
7- Then in ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) click on ( Apply )
8- After Clicking Apply you will get a new message choose ( Yes )
9- After That Press ( OK ) In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data )
10- After That .. Press ( OK ) In ( Permissions For Data )
11- After That Make An ( Exit ) For ( KasperSky ) .. & Run It Again
12- You Will Notice That The Kaspersky Icon Is Not ( RED ) But Its ( GRAY ) Which means that the program is not activated
13- But if you opened it you will see al things are working perfect 100% Working

What Happened To The Program After These Steps ?
- You Will update the kaspersky database manually ... no automatic updates

By Hesham_3del
Ive tested this and it works 100%, the only problem is that you can't pause the protection you have to close it and the icon is grey instead of red >.< but its still acts as the full version which is great. =D Also most of the serials available are blacklisted so you cant update and there aren't many cracks that work for it either..

my key isn't blacklisted :S and are you still able to update? cause im not sure if you would be able to due to teh way kaspersky operates
I use to use Kaspersky, my key got blacklisted though. Anyhow, there is a range of free software that does exactly what I need.

Spybot S&D
Ad-Aware SE
... I can go on.

Nice guide though. I loved using Kaspersky, but I get pretty much all I need from the free programs I have
-Zonealarm (they should stick to firewalls only there spyware/trojan scanning is pathetic)
- Ad-Aware SE (misses alot of crap)

- Spybot S&D (Good againest spyware)
- AVG (not bad but a ugly interface)

Avast (never used that yet)

Please do go on.

Kaspersky found over 200 virus'/trojans' hidden on my computer which Zonealarm missed.
I had been using ZA for ages and though it was good too.. but it isn't.
Avast is the best but u need a good pc like with mine i can run it but i have to close it when i play games because i lag it constantly scans your hard drive but yea as i sead u need like good pc

my remedations for pc
1 gig ram i have
3.0 ghz proceror dual c0re i dont have i got like 2.6
and yea because my friends got nice computer and he runs it fine but i dont so i dont run it any more but it is a good program
not working...after sometime error "service part was unload..."
i've been using zone alarm and i guess i'll switch to kapersky! sounds good with all the comments! I'll try out kapersky. =P
I gave the "Active Virus Sheild" a try (As I said, it is a free aol branded kaspersky),
and it is pretty good. Found about 6 things AVG didn't find
and no problems with auto updates or anything.
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i've been using zone alarm and i guess i'll switch to kapersky! sounds good with all the comments! I'll try out kapersky. =P[/b]
I was using ZA for about a year but its antivirus/spyware is crap.
The ZA firewall is good but thats it.
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Kaspersky is good but has alot of bugs. Try Avira, avast and AVG too.[/b]

i had avast before get the new key for kaspersky , when i get kaspersky , i installed it,removed avast and make a scan... 3 trojan
BTT:i found a better alternative to your solution.
in an german pc magazine (computerbild) was a full version of KIS. This still works:
-you have to register here with your REAL email adress (otherwise it won't work).
-put in anything in the first two fields, in the 3rd your email and in the last one (Land) just select "sonstige"
-a key will be send to your email
-after 3 months you need to refresh your key. To do that, klick here, type in your email and klick on "neue lizens anforden". then a new key will be send to your email.

That really works. the advantage is, that KIS works as a full version without any limitation.
Try it and have fun
Thats not for KIS its for PSS (an older Version of KIS, but i think the key works too)

EDiT : Yeah it works cool
i use this and i think that it is one of the best, if not the best anti-virus that i have ever used.