using a gcf without updating?/help with certain programs


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a while ago i made a thread about using gcf's without updating, and none of the slutions have been working. Steamemu desn't even show up after i extract it, and p2ng3l's steam launcher doesn't do anything besides uncrack steam. The main thing i'm trying to do is run Tf2 without doing 47 updates.

are there any other ways that are easy?
Try this

On my 1tb portable I have a Steamapps Folder and a SteamAppsStable,
I wrote a command like app to simply check each status and copy ones at 100% to my Stable Folder.

Leaving the originals to be updated and messed with by steam.

Downside I have duplicate content, upside it works perfectly.

Personally its a pain because we pay per gig in my country for bandwidth.
So updates are 1 slow, 2 painful, 3 annoying specially when you click dont update this thing steam and steam goes huh what sorry wasnt listening I was busy ignoring you and deciding to randomly update files.

Also UCL loader seems faily happy to run games that are bein updated so long as they have been 100% at some stage.