V0gelz Mod v3



V0gelz Mod v3 Made By V0gelz This Is A
Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas SA:MP Hack

SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) is a multiplayer modifcation for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas allowing users to play against each other over the internet or LAN

This Hack Is Still Undetected Because I Am Still Usin It Atm

V0gelz said:
Working With:
This cheat will work with SA-MP and with Singleplayer!

!This cheat is specialy made for sa mp and singelplayer.
!This cheat kills the sa mp anti cheat.

!They can detect the Minigun/Katana!
!Do not blame me if you got banned.

* We got 2 version's of V0gelz Mod v3.
* A window mode and an non window mode.

* In the V0gelz Mod v3 folder you will find a 2 folders.
* window_mode and non-window_mode.
* in window_mode folder you will find a .dll.
* That the cheat with window mode .
* The other folder is the one without window mode.

** The default one is window mode.

Just place the folder that you will find in the .zip file
and place it somewhere at your desktop or where ever you want.
But you allways need to have the V0gelz Mod v3.exe and
the V0gelz Mod v3.dll togetter in the same folder!

Now run V0gelz Mod v3.exe it will say that it is ready
and you just need to connect to a server.

How to use / The Menu
Press F12 to activate the cheat menu.
Press F11 to activate the give menu.
Press F10 to activate the teleport menu.
This are the features you can change
in the menu to config the hack.
Use the up and down arrows to move in the menu.
Use the left/right arrows key to activate a feature in the menu.

* - Global -
*   3 Menu's - Easy to use
*   Activate Hotkey's
*   Game Speed
*   Teleport City
*   Teleport Spot's
*   Airmove Fly
*   Money Cheat
*   Remove Motion Blur
*   Anti Weapon Crash
*   Window Mode
*   Handling.cfg Patch

*  - Player -
*   Health Player
*   Armor Player
*   Unlimited Ammo
*   No Reload
*   Unlimited Oxygen
*   High Jump
*   Water Walk
*   Weapons Set
*   Allow Weapon's Indoor's
*   Anti Cheat Revange!
*   Air Break

*  - Car -
*   Health Car
*   Fly
*   Perfect Handling
*   All Cars Have Nitro    
*   NOS    
*   Self Destruct
*   Spin Function
*   Unlock Vehicles
*   Give Jetpack
*   Air Break
*   Un Flip
*   Anti Fall Of Bike
Hot Key's
Activate Cheat Menu 1 = F12
Activate Give Menu 2 = F11
Activate Teleport Menu 3 = F10
Turn Jetpack/Car Fly On = F2

*increase X Coodinates = Numpad 9
*decrease X Coodinates = Numpad 3
*increase Y Coodinates = Numpad 4
*decrease Y Coodinates = Numpad 6
*increase Z Coodinates = Numpad 8
*decrease Z Coodinates = Numpad 2

Unlimited Nitro = END
Un Flip = Page Down
Airbreak = Numpad 7
Spin Function = Numpad 5
Self Destruct = F3

gamedeception.net / game-deception.com

Ludwig Van

http://www.vogelz.be/samp - DeAd


Mirror 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/25225444/V0gelz_Mod_v3.zip

Have fun!
I've used this cheat since it was released, and it's the best cheat for GTA:SA at moment. But the money cheat is not good though, you will get banned kinda fast on those servers using Anti-Cheats.
Cheats suxxx

SA-MP is a nice game, but Cheaters destroy the fun... -.-

This just boon!!
an i thinks it isnt hard to play SaMP
You dont need so mutch skill to be "good"
Often they are just noobs!
It could be that the shit is only for 0.1 not sa-mp 0.21 oder 0.2!
Its nice if it doesn't work anymore :D
i only cheat in that game for money me and my friends just go do up cars and race around streets its quiet fun