Vista is greener and more secure, says Microsoft


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Eighteen months after its launch, Windows Vista is growing in popularity because of its low power requirements and good security, a senior UK manager for Microsoft has claimed.

Speaking at a round-table in London on Wednesday, John Curran, director of the Windows group for Microsoft in the UK, said: "First and foremost, businesses like Vista for security". The operating system (OS) "has, since its launch, been the safest operating system on the market with the fewest vulnerabilities of any OS available," he added.

Curran said that, after security, the most important feature for corporate users was Vista's contribution to the "green agenda". The savings possible here "really help drive down the carbon footprint and help drive down the costs in an IT environment", he claimed.

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I can't believe even Microsoft has started to be a part of this "global warming" bullshit, just to convince people to buy their "environmentally friendly" shitty software