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    Patch Notes 1.4.1
    (!) Fixed frequent crash on some hardware configurations.
    * Fixed bug with disappearance of some game news after long game session.
    * Fixed crash with hero resurrected after he died in a boat.
    * Fixed crash with perks after enemy capital surrender.
    * Fixed bug when side units got more damage from cleave attack then middle one.
    * After Great Mage’s death all perks made by him should now disappear.
    * Food bonus on life land tiles was decreased
    * New hotkeys (actual buttons now are visible in hints):
    **Rest: R
    **Sentry: F
    **Next city for building: Ctrl+Tab
    **Prev city for building: Ctrl+Shift+Tab
    ** camera selection focus with “HOME” button
    * Perks mechanics of “Frenzy” and “HitAndRun” was fixed
    * Unit doublehealing bug fixed
    * Conquered city name is now correctly reflected in the list
    * AI became better with negotiating
    * Minor bugs with unit info screen fixed
    * Unit maximum cap increased
    * Some new SFX added

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