Warning: Downloading Files from FREESTEAM Notice!

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Recently several members have posted mirror links of files created by known Steam Crackers, basically what I want everyone here to know before downloading any files from Freesteam is take the following steps before downloading or executing any applications as several members have posted repacked and corrupted files possibly containing trojans/keyloggers.

1. USER - Firstly check the user who is posting the file(s) usually if it seems it is too good to be true then generally it is! Don't bother even checking topics like "VAC2 Crack", "Working Cafe Crack" etc posted by untrusted users. It is also important to note the fact that many people recently have posted files such as "Leaked Free Steam Cafe Crack v2" obviously if your not retarded you will instantly know that the file is fake and you run the risk of executing a application which can contain almost anything just to name a few: spyware, keyloggers, virus', trojans', malware etc. Commonly trojans and keyloggers are used to steal accounts.

2. POST - Check for obvious mistakes in the post about the download. If you see that the post describing the download is about 5 lines long and the user has less than 20 posts it's another obvious sign to look out for. Usually posts about new downloads are descriptive, contain logs of version history/updates, screenshots and other important information such as credits. Common corrupted downloads are usually files released already like the UnDead Steam patch by SASiO and Steam Buster Revolution. Basically your better off using the original download link or from another trusted source/member.

3. FILE - Finally after downloading the file don't be an idiot and instantly extract/execute it run a scan on your PC then try a free online multi virus scanner such as: http://virusscan.jotti.org/ Post your results back in the same thread to let other users know, it will be appreciated and you kinda gain some respect from our community. Note that undetected Trojans/virus' are reality and do exist so in the future if you think the downloaded file starts screwing your computer or your Steam account gets stolen you should report that.

Advice: Test patches/cracks on a blank account. Not only due to that fact you risk getting your account(s) stolen but also because Steam disables your accounts for using "hacked" clients. For more information about Disabled Steam accounts click here if you get your account stolen click here to attempt to retrieve it. Note that Freesteam is NOT held responsible if your account(s) do get stolen you downloaded the files you also downloaded the risk! Finally Keeping your account secure information. Make sure you kids out there read that page.

Hope this information is helpful the everyone.

If your still reading your must be fucking bored or a noob, now gtfo of my post.


Wow, that post was intense. But it's true, people are PM'ing me about the 'Freesteam Cafe V2 Crack'. How the hell do you crack something that's free?

People really need to pay attention and not fall for this stupid stuff.
Yeah, all of a suddern dickheads are posting this shit and its very repetitive and boring. So little kids go and play with your mother.
Renegade make sure you put it in your signiture or something.. users don't always read the news.

Other then that, great job on the post, and a little respect for steampowered.com :p
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