Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by lukas00754, April 15, 2010.

  1. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    Guys i warn all :

    New version steam cooming soon.Now is avaible only beta.If valve know about Undeadpatch then we all DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what do now ?
  2. ravecz

    ravecz FS Member

    I'm Trying the Beta and UnDead Patch working fine :p
    and this topic is already created :p
  3. lukas00754

    lukas00754 FS Member

    Awesome thanks FOr help :D
  4. PsychoGamer

    PsychoGamer FreeSteam Member

    ROLF, you think that they dont know??????

    and I think the only change they are making is a "esthetic change"
  5. ravecz

    ravecz FS Member

    Right Right, the patch is not patching files that UnDead or other Steam Cracks using it just changing Skin //My Opinion!
  6. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3

    I'm pretty sure they knew about the day the undead patch came out due to people having youtube privileges. But what can they do?
  7. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Dude no offence but even you know about the undead patch. Its avaliable to every single person in the world! (with internet access) you honestly think valve do not know about it?

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