Welcome To The New FreeSteam

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This is the all new FreeSteam board! We still have a few updates to make, including smiles, header, uploads, and a few other items. Most permissions should be fixed up and good to go!

We needed this restart, and I hope it helps a lot.

We have a few projects in development at the moment, including my own. If you are missing VIP/Respected, please contact me asap via PM.

Welcome To The New & Improved FS and I hope you enjoy your time here! We look forward to having all new & old members back!
it really shocked me when I came here because I thought that I was on a phony freesteam project site at first. However, after looking the site over, I realized that some technical issue occured. Overall, I believe that a new fresh will allow new members to the freesteam project to be, "herd," a bit more. As far as the older members to the free steam project, this could be a good chance to help bring back some of the old tutorial archives that you may have on your computer and upload them to the community for the newer members. I know that is probably what some of the older members are going to do so no need to harp on that ;)
Yep the Freesteam Icon is nice :D And I hope that there are much ore members register and so the forum got more activit.
Yeah... I was quite surprised when I couldn't log in... I thought it might just be an account wipe, not just a whole new board.

Anyway, I'm new, and the board is cool. :cool:
hell yea...i think this was a good idea too...nice fresh and clean board and hopefully lots of new members...

and a welcome to all who have just registered...i think you will find your stay here a good one...good staff, admin's, and members...its a nice community (if i spelled it right, lol)

and im still waiting for my status back, if you dont beleive me check fswarez and the IP's.
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