What are the exact GCF's need for CS:S


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Okay I've looked around a lot and have found very little. I've seen looking through threads that CS:S is dependent on 5 GCF's. Is that true? and if so any place I can find all of them? I'm a noob and probably gonna get spammed >.>
In sticky in this forum, you have a post by The-No0n3:


o Mandatory Files

+ platform.gcf
+ sourceinit.gcf
+ winui.gcf

o Base Files (Source)

+ base source engine 2.gcf
+ Source Shared Securom.gcf (maid not be required)
+ source engine.gcf
+ source materials.gcf
+ source models.gcf
+ source sounds.gcf

o Counter Strike: Source

+ Base Files (Source)
+ counter-strike source shared.gcf
+ counter-strike source client.gcf

I believe you alredy have the mandatory files in your steam even if u didn't install any game yet. As of the other files.. Maybe i'll edit soon with a topic. (But just look in the GCF forum.. there are a few topics)