What sort of music do you listen to?

Discussion in 'Sports, Music, Movies, and more!' started by TripseV, January 10, 2007.

  1. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    I appreciate most music but my favorites are trance and house.

    If any one has links to A State of Trance episodes pls be sure to post them btw! ^^
  2. battledead

    battledead Full Member

    I like.. soft rock songs. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol is pretty good.

    Oh yeah.. this hippop rap song called Starry eyed surprise si sooo good.
  3. soccer05

    soccer05 New Member

    I love techno and trance. My favorite artists are Dj Tiesto, Dj Alligator, Dj Dean, and lots more. Did you ever listen to VA - Trance volume 8. Try to listen to it, it is great.
  4. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    You like the Ministry of Sound Compulations?
  5. kilwaxoni

    kilwaxoni New Member

    hum i love metal , hardcore metal and death/trash metal [​IMG] i hate really hate rocks!

    one of my favorits groups (french group of hardcore [​IMG]) h-tray, myspace :

    htray myspace if you like metal you must like that [​IMG]
  6. MuZeL

    MuZeL New Member

    I love anything really. (Except hard metal, moshin rockin stuff)

    I love Chili peppers, REM, Razerlight,Zutons, The Rifles. Lots of new bands, also you gotta love some of the 80's!!
  7. UrbanAssault!

    UrbanAssault! New Member

    Techno - Trance and dat shit ^^
  8. xxbr3ndanxx

    xxbr3ndanxx Full Member

    rock, and emo music! =D
  9. xxxgingerbreadxxx

    xxxgingerbreadxxx New Member

    any thing techno or trance

    but my favorite has to be the Tunnel Trance Force mixes
  10. Dimmu

    Dimmu New Member

    Norwegian black metal, or swedish, polish black metal, or actually any black metal =)
  11. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    Rock is the best. Nothing can beat Metallica, Lordi or rammstein. i also like a little bit of trance and techno
  12. Cobra.uK

    Cobra.uK New Member

    All sorts really, bands like Snow Patrol, All American Rejects (not an emo) :| lol, The Feeling, Arctic Monkeys, etc.
    Then it's may all beloved club and trance music. [​IMG]
  13. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    i know u like the hard stuff

    i like Mostly rock although i can listen to anything. Breaking benjamin AAR Zebrahead are my favs<div_prefs id="div_prefs"></div_prefs>
  14. battledead

    battledead Full Member

    wtf echo I hate hard rock songs..
  15. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    Anything with a good beat basically.
  16. Jager

    Jager New Member

    Thursday = best band on planet [​IMG]
  17. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    Incorrect, it is a day of the week.<div_prefs id="div_prefs"></div_prefs>
  18. bjc

    bjc New Member

    noone here enjoys classical music??
  19. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    such as? i like some but i'm not that keen on it.
  20. FTR::Mod

    FTR::Mod New Member

    I like heavy metal, rammstein and Slipknot... Some metalica but meh...
  21. srdeuss

    srdeuss [ Respected ]

    Screamo / post-hardcore typically, with traces of progressive, experiemental, and hardcore.
  22. r8d110

    r8d110 FS Member

    happy hardcore
  23. Jager

    Jager New Member

    Wow buddy thank you for the striking analysis. You should really be working for NASA [​IMG]<div_prefs id="div_prefs"></div_prefs>
  24. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    Thanks for that!
  25. Jager

    Jager New Member

    no thank you for enlightening us all oh wise one [​IMG]
  26. Seker

    Seker Full Member

    i like lots of music but most only 1 or 2 , 3 songs :p
  27. hairtrigga

    hairtrigga FS Member

    i lke lots of different music and dont mind a bit of classical occasionally.
    but my favourite would be metal and heavy rock. i grew up listening
    to black sabbath, led zep, deep purple, ac/dc, judas priest and plenty
    of the other pioneer bands from the 60's and 70's. [​IMG]
  28. panzer

    panzer New Member

    I usually listen too metall and rock. Bands such as Saxon and Ac/dc is my favorites. Princess of The Night ftw [​IMG]

    But sometimes I like to sit down and relax with some Simon and Garfunkel [​IMG]
  29. Qazzap

    Qazzap New Member

    Industrial, ebm, synthpop, futurepop, ambient, metal, and rock.
  30. Tomo

    Tomo New Member

    i like hip-hop, rnb and some rock
  31. f3nr15

    f3nr15 FS Member

    J-Pop, J-Rock, Classical and Trance.
  32. vietunit

    vietunit New Member

    i love trance,techno, vocal trance etc. some rock, hip hop ,r&b is nice.
  33. ph_

    ph_ New Member

    Metal, all genres, death-metal, black metal, thrash metal

    hard rock aswell.
  34. f3nr15

    f3nr15 FS Member

    What about Evanescence ?
  35. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Metal, rock, some techno, and a few pop songs.
  36. ddd123

    ddd123 New Member

    I love anything electronic! Can't help being European! What do you think of the sorta new genre Drum and Bass? Like London Hospitality or Pendulum? I love it, but most of my friends find it annoying?
  37. theSpam

    theSpam New Member

    Anything that sounds good™

    (which is, the majority of the time, 80s pop)
  38. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (ddd123 @ Mar 4 2007, 08:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Ya, electronic can be fairly good, although some songs for it aren't great. Sounds.... futuristic :p
  39. hunt0r

    hunt0r Hunted!

    anything from metal (stone sour) to classic 70-80's rock (whitesnake etc)
  40. Its2l82die

    Its2l82die Guest

    Hmm i like metal the kind of Slipknot but the kind of Metallica,Iron Maiden and Children of Bodom.
  41. pussycatdog

    pussycatdog Full Member

    i like all sorts of music; rock, rep and also also like ACDC a lot !!! they're my favorite bang !!
  42. 500mph

    500mph New Member

    Most Rock, Indie, And Techno
  43. diznikkalong

    diznikkalong New Member

  44. r8d110

    r8d110 FS Member

    Hardcore, Rave, Dance, Techno, Electro, Trance...
  45. AnTh

    AnTh New Member

    dance music is the shit [​IMG]
  46. imported_omfg

    imported_omfg New Member

  47. nikmash232

    nikmash232 New Member

    i listen to metal and alt rock
  48. xedent

    xedent New Member

    I like any music that you can understand the words. I dislike the music where they screem into your ear !
  49. jakethebob

    jakethebob New Member

    every thing but club music but lately i have been listening to alot of manowar
  50. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Anyone else here hate rap?

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