Whats teh best cheat you used?

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No.. there are some really good smooth aimbots, walls make you fail.. you going to mess up with walls somewhere, like get a head shot through the wall thinking he is right in front of you accidentally..
you need an aimbot that is like when u try and shoot through a wall by accident it like stops u and calls u a fucking idiot
I used a private version of VDC that was really nice :)
I'm getting a few new private hacks soon.
I have a hacked account on battleapps that I could easily use :)

I wouldn't really recommend it.
i need someone with a license on there pc for the css hack... so then i can get around win license >.>
hacks? never
that means never online^^
tested some of them offline, e.g. hl2h, dcc, ecstasy, coconuT, and many more ^^
I own more at cafes when im not hacking I mean like kids were saying
some 10 year old azn kid said:
omg look at renegade what a speed hacker.

I'm like rofl.. then they kick ban eventually they password the server then I get the password somehow then they change it and rage then I leave. @ Cafes the players are useless.. leet cs'ers play wOw and rpg games no leets really play cs at cafes around here. Personally I hate Warcraft not sure why I bought Heroes of Annihilated Empires on Steam though. -.-"

I have noticed the increase of people playing wow at lans like whats with that... its so not a team game >.>
I used a private version of VDC that was really nice :)
I'm getting a few new private hacks soon.

I swear to god I'm punching the next person I see that says this that isn't a beta tester.

There was nothing special about the private versions of VDC. Except that they were private. Made for beta testers. The End. I'm sick of people [in general] saying "zomg im so leet i gots private vdczorz!!" SHUTUP YOU AREN'T SPECIAL.

Anyway that rant wasn't really pointed at ww3 as it was other noobs I see saying they are awesome with a "private vdc"

Anyway the best hack out there is Project VDC Redux. You just have to know how to tweak it to work for you :)
Well, I had christ's version which had some NS stuff.

But, every1 else is jus sayin' that maybe some of the people we sold it to. But don't know that was a long time ago.
I can't wait for a new hack I'm getting in a day or 2 for CS:S. It's going to own :)
I've never used a hack/third party on multi-player games. Just exploits from the map or game itself (Like the infinite respawn in cs waaaaaaaay back).
i have a private hack, its very nice.. wh and og good aimbot, when some one specc me they could not see my aimbot:).. you know?
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