When's X1.0 Coming?


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Hai, well I've been checking back here every hour to see if the release of pr0X system tools was up to version X1.0, but dar no X1.0, I just see X.08 :mad: Me rly rly rly wants to get X1.0, but W3, take your time...the best work is done the most carefully. :D
I've been quite busy, added 4 public cafe accounts.

I am also setting up a VIP system as well. It's a lot of work and I'm still trying to figure out some of the code to make it work properly.
All I need to finish is the following:
-Encryption for Steam Logins (Not necessary for release)
-Adding other tools (Not necessary for release)
-Add error exceptions (Required)
-Add necessary update files to online server (Required)
-Configure setup. (Required)

Overall Dev. - 70%
Web Browser - 80%
Registry Tools - 90%
Steam Tools - 50%
Cafe Tools - 80%
Startup Options - 40%
Updater - 90%
Protection - 10%
Misc - 30%
Final beta has been released to VIPs and will from there be released to public.
Overall Dev. - 76%
Web Browser - 85%
Registry Tools - 95%
Steam Tools - 55%
Cafe Tools - 95%
Startup Options - 70%
Updater - 95%
Protection - 50%
VIP - 90%
Misc - 50%

We do not give out VIP to just anyone... Ganan got it, but he helped w/ this project. However, you can donate 50$ or more and earn it that way.
Ok so only one person can be on a cafe account at one, what happens if someone stays online just to keep it from others?? Also how often will one be able to log in due to the amout of people using this?? How does WorldWarrIII create these account is he hacking them or is he paying for them and letting others use it??
Ok, well accounts we had working, have been reset, and we are working on getting new accounts, different ranges that will work.
A normal steam install on a different directory. Make sure your steam launches from the default(new steam install) folder with no login info of a legit account on it. Just be cautious if you have a legit account.
Also WorldWar great work on the Internet tools and everything, amazing. I don't know if I should try it here at school, they can check my logs... :(
I've dropped the X1.xx series and just continuing on w/ X2.0 I will release when I can.