Which is better UndeadPatch or Steam Buster


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Steam Buster is a launcher (won't download games and don't need a Steam account only GCF files)

Undead is a steam patch/crack (downloads some games, needs a Steam account)

Personally I prefer Steam Buster.


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Hello erack5,
yeah you still can play online with the games you have registered to your original steam account.
But you cant play online the "cracked" games.


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so in cracked you mean the games that were downloaded from steam? or what and also does undead patch make it so all games are registered?


Steam buster is good for offline use, for example suitable for people who don't play those games online.

By using undead patch, it is easier to update your games if there are updates available.


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no the undead patch just give you access to all games on steam.
But you cant download the most of them, you need a GFC for it.
The games arent registered on your steam account.
The cracked games I mean, which arent normal registered on your steam account!


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wait when i try to play half life online it says Steam validation rejected how do i register a game with them? when i try to hit register a game it says registration not available for this account? any ideas what i could do?