Who makes there own bread (breadmaker).

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by TripseV, January 9, 2007.

  1. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    I do, it tastes so good, I use the Barossa Sour Dough Rye Bread Mix.

    Discuss other advantages/disadvantages of home made bread here.
  2. Vasuki

    Vasuki Respected

    There is no disadvantage its awesome i love it when its just made and nice and hot then you get butter and like put heaps on and it melt and omg its so nice lol!!!11!1
  3. SoWz

    SoWz New Member

    I wish i made my own bread [​IMG]
  4. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    When its fresh I love rasberry jam and cream. mmmm mmmm mmmmm
  5. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

  6. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    i used to make my own bread but then one day i was using the bread slicer and somene pushed me and i cut my thumb. avent made bread since :S
  7. Vasuki

    Vasuki Respected

    TripseV im gonna have to try that some time sounds nice!

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