Who's getting an iPhone?


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At 600 dollars WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT, I'd say this is out of reach for 99.99% of cell phone users. Fuck you apple


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Looks really nice, and the features are great but I think it'll be $300... :( I hope it's not, but then again, Slvr's and Razr's used to be sold for $300-$400.


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1 word to describe it. Rip-off.

No way im buying that shit theres much better quality and cheaper products out there already.
Also im a 100% Apple hater.


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All you guys complain about price; phone 300, ipod 400, looking like a sick cunt: priceless

seriously when you add them up it is not that expensive at all.


im sure that an iPhone when it is first released will work how an iPod worked... wait the iPods didnt .... hmmm


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iPhone won't be released in New Zealand till 2008.. *sigh*
and yes i'm definitely getting it.


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Overated, apparently there won't be any "free enviroment" on the phone for custom software etc, don't know how they're stopping that, but if they do, I won't get it.

Nuke Bomb3r

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Did you see when they were introducing it?
Steve jobs said: "A regular smart phone is priced at 300. An ipod is priced at 200. Thats 500
What are we gonna price our iPhone at with all these extra features?
[goes on with price justification]
so what are we gonna price it at? you guessed it, 499."
Watch the video. its really gay.

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