Why leaking shit is not cool...


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Some one has just broke into my house to steal the half built present i was making for them anyway.
How fucked is that. Not as fucked as him bringing it back to show me and expecting me to find it funny.....


Im gonna take a step back from the scene for a little bit cos it appears someone has leaked Prosteam.
Prosteam is the modified steam client i was developing.
yes like pacsteam or cue steam or w/e Steam... :lol:

But, well a faggot of the higest order just rolled on the 1crew(my new team) board and spammed a half complete content listing from prosteams BBCode generator... in rin format.

(why is that important? Well BBCode generator outputs FOUR different type of formats and the rin format was massivly modified from the one he posted. which at the time was the ONLY format. so he couldnt hide its age basicly.. about 3 weeks old)

Im seriously pissed off thb. Its an all new low in faggotry.

The sad thing is that i know every single person that had a copy (6 people including me.) and now i have to look around at my net friends and decide which one of them betrayed me when i was trying to give some thing back instead just being a leeching fuck. :( So fucking gay man.

so yeah catch y'all ltr.... -Dat/Rix
Whew, that sucks. This is why I don't like working with other people in programming. And if I do let people use special programs, I'd have to trust them enough to let them use my paypal (deep trust).

I hate people that find it fun to hack a ruin other peoples sites just because, theres a place for these people, Hell?
meh ive had some sleep. Feeling better.
fuck all leaker's the show must go on. :)

Vas send me you mail i lost it .....
It's really sad to see, that there is no more honor among the underground.Things like that just make it harder for new ppl to get connections because you can't even trust good friends, so disgustin and sad.:(