Wii Homebrew - Overview and How to Use

Discussion in 'Nintendo / Wii' started by rushil01, June 27, 2008.

  1. rushil01

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    This guide will be updated whenever i feel it is necessary or whenever something major happens within the Wii HomeBrew Community. After the latest Wii console update, the old twilight hack was broken and unusable. Within the guide is the new version which is compatible with the update. Also when installing the Home Brew Channel you may be prompted with a warning due to the new Wii firmware update. It is currently still safe to install this channel. For more info on the Wii home brew scene visit the websites written in the Credit section at the end of this guide. Do not spread this guide without the authors (rushil01) permission and if permission is given then it must be reposted exactly as the original.

    What is Wii Homebew?
    What is the Twilight Hack?
    How do I install the Twilight Hack?
    Which Saved File do i Load once i installed the Twilight Hack?
    Now that i have Installed the Twilight Hack how do i install games and channels?
    Do i have to run the twilight hack every time I want to install a *.wad?
  2. megabuster

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    Ummm sorry what's the password for the wad manager?
  3. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    This is SO outdated. Use Google for an updated tutorial on this.

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