wiki defacing :(

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by erdcaged, March 8, 2007.

  1. erdcaged

    erdcaged FS Member

    well you made your point and wasted 5 minutes of my time.
    Page is protected now so dont bother trying to edit.
  2. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Well at least there is low chance it will happen again ^.^
  3. seby410

    seby410 FS Member

  4. spaz

    spaz New Member

    lol I dont get it
  5. Nuke Bomb3r

    Nuke Bomb3r FS Member

    What an ass he was. What can we do with his ip to bother him? hmm...
  6. mophez

    mophez Full Member

    Wiki is an editable Encyclopedia , and a very random person vandalized erdcaged Alternative cafe Page .
  7. MiNdAr

    MiNdAr New Member

    i think i accidenly did it on the first page sorry i didnt know it would do that i just clicked edit seeing if it would work and it did so i was like sorry lol so i talked to ww3 and sead sorry lol
  8. mophez

    mophez Full Member

    Group: Trusted VIP
    Posts: 133

    That was very trusty thing to do Mindar [​IMG]

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