[WINDOWS]7 Tips to Keep Windows XP Running (For Years...)


FS Owner
If all goes as anticipated (and it never does), Windows 7 will arrive in 2010. Therefore, if youв??ve done the math that means Windows XP, originally released in 2001, will be nine years old. A nine-year-old operating system is human equivalent of a centenarian.

As we know this is no easy feat it calls for some serious life extension techniques.

I think this is a fitting analogy actually, since running Windows XP for another 1-2 years is a very real possibility for some. After all, many who despised Vista will likely not only wait for Windows 7 to release. They will most likely wait for the first service pack to arrive before making a change. That would put us possibly into 2011.

So if you want to see Windows XP make it to the ripe old age of ten, you should likewise take steps to keep it in good health.