[WINDOWS]Cluster Resource Type options for Hyper-V

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    Windows Server 2008 Clustering includes resource type options which are available by right clicking on the group under Applications and Services.

    For Hyper-V, we have the following options.

    1: Manage virtual machines. This option opens Hyper-V Manager and adds all participating nodes to the left hand pane for easy access to each Parent Partition. **NOTE: The virtual machine configuration Resource must be online for the VM to be registered with Hyper-V and viewable in Hyper-V Manager.

    2: Refresh VM Configuration. This option is the most important and is the primary focus of this blog.

    In order to better explain how the Refresh VM Configuration option is important, letŠ²??s run thru a quick breakdown of how Windows Server 2008 Clustering stores information about each virtual machine resource in the Cluster Database (clusdb).


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