[WINDOWS]Microsoftв??s online plan: Spend, spend, spend

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    If you think Microsoftв??s been spending like crazy in the online space, you ainв??t seen nothing yet. (And thatв??s not counting when or if Microsoftв??s multi-billion-dollar bid for Yahooв??s search business is ever consummated.)

    Microsoft missed earnings projections when it announced its Q4 FY 2008 numbers on July 17. To some company watchersв?? surprise, it wasnв??t Windows Vista в?? which Microsoft claims to have sold 180 million licenses now в?? that was to blame. Instead, yet again, it was Microsoftв??s Online Systems Business (OSB), more than anything else, that dragged down the numbers.

    However, Microsoft officials told Wall Street analysts not to expect Microsoft to change its OSB investing-for-the-longhaul strategy any time soon. Microsoft is planning to step up its online spending around driving usage of Live Search and growing its advertiser base for its adCenter online-ad platform.


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