[WINDOWS]Windows Remote Desktop Licenses - RDLs - What are they? Do I need them?

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    Many computer manufacturers (OEMs) have introduced a new desktop environment using blade hardware technology and MicrosoftВ® WindowsВ® XP Professional.

    This technology solution enables end users to access Windows XP Professional running on these blade PCs that are stacked securely in a data center rather than sitting under or on an end userв??s desk.

    In this solution, end users connect to the blade PC using a small connection port and one of many different types of access devices, ranging from a desktop PC to a thin client.

    Businesses can employ a variety of devices for access: desktop PCs or thin client devices running an embedded operating system. RDP (or a similar technology) is used to access Windows XP Professional running on the PC. Unlike server models which provide simultaneous access of multiple users to a single piece of server hardware, each blade PC can have only one user accessing it at a time.


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