World fastest ban!


Yeah, we just had someone join 10 minutes ago with the username "niggerfucker".

I thought that was rather racist, so I proceeded in banning him.

If you guys think it's funny to be racist think again.

Let this be an example to all you.


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also dont rip off peoples names

first we have the All Powerful |\|008

then we get 1N00B

now we have N00B N00B

im just like, wtf


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belink, the one and only. (apart from the router... feckers)

I have a guy called Marc in my msn list. And it isnt Marcround. :p


I got Erdcaged over here taking my name and shit. This is absurd!

My new name is "Freesteam Property #2".


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actually it was a serious of bans, the same guy, same ip, 4 accounts
lolsfsisfornoobs (didnt count)
niggerfuckersrule (10 mins)
sighbanmemore (5 mins)
bwahahaha (2 mins)

well, i guess kinda successful here ^^

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