WORLD WAR 3: The documentary - Part 2: The FINAL solution


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WORLD WAR 3: The documentary - Part 2: The FINAL solution


length: 2 hours - 23 minutes
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Today will not really be about religion, but since I am going to use a lot of Alex Jones that is a Christian (with real decency when it comes to his overall message and acts) I have something to say:
I know for a fact (personally) that ALL the mainstream religions are put into place by the same Royal families behind the sun cults from the ancient world, and are being used to keep the world population in check with the "Ordo Ad Chao" doctrine and the "Hegelian dialectic".
If you do not know these two terms, please pause this video and look them up on google and read before you continue.
Christians do NOT believe in God: THEY PUT ACTION BEHIND HIS WORD!
This means about 99.99% of ALL the people I have met throughout my 40 years life has NEVER been a Christian, but only an absurd parody of what life is REALLY about.
Today people who call them selfs Christians will have to deal the message Alex Jones have OR recognize that they are nothing but a great deception that just tries to have the nicest clothes and hair on Sunday.
But first the REAL threat: The threat from within !!!
And then: Alex Jones - A REAL person - a TRUE Christian (if such a thing even exist) - genuine and demure - a person with REAL discernment.
Description for the Alex Jones show november 16. 2012:

Today on the Alex Jones Show, restoration of the republic through secession goes viral. Not only the United States, but the entire world is at a historic crossroad as the Agenda 21 corporate control grid attempts to bring the world into a new dark age. Dr. Michael Coffman, pioneer in exposing Agenda 21, will break down the enemy battle plan and how we can strike back with knowledge by knowing our enemy and waking up to just how hard-core our straights are. All this and more today.
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