Would i need a blueray disk if i was going to burn a ps3 game?

Discussion in 'PlayStation' started by alannielsen12, April 29, 2010.

  1. alannielsen12

    alannielsen12 New Member

    and if yes where can i buy one?


  2. Jgr9

    Jgr9 New Member

    Why would you burn one? You wouldn't be able to use it (yet).
  3. Assassin94

    Assassin94 FS Member

    we are a long time from playing ISOs on our PQS3 systems, because only the Phat (1st) one has been explaoted by now via OtherOS
    OtherOS isn't available for Slim but geohot(the one who found the exploit) is gonna release a CFW*** for the PS3 systems which will reenable OtherOS when you updated to 3.30 this isn't available anymore...
    this CFW doesn't allow kernel access this means no homebrew and ISO

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