WoW Fisher!!


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WoW phisher!!

welling im selling a wow fisher

its not done yet but if enough people order ill make it.

Ive made some screenies.

please also offer what price you be willing to pay. (This is NOT Free)


fisher or phisher? seeings how in WoW you can actully fish i think you should make the distinction clear...
This program is just a normal phisher I think. You enter login data and it sends to your email account an email and you got the login. Thats it.
Considering you have to e-mail people this to get htier account in the first place, most likely you will endup robbing friends or familys accounts rofl, plus they will just cancel the payments to it and report it as stolen to blizzard, at max you get one month free account and any items, weapons money etc in account (assuming they on same server you play on, not sure if you can send items to different world servers).
lool but it's difficult to find someone who is willing to log in with his account, especially when he's on a high level. the chance to get an useful account is low xD
And it wouldn't be hard to get people to run that wow.exe instead of their own, you just tell them, hey this exe gives you a built in wow glider, and they will use it for sure.