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Hey, I'm Scifiknux! Lead mapper for both Flaming Ice and No Scope Studios! Flaming Ice has been making a PSP homebrew called Solitude for a while now, and No Scope Studios has been developing iHalo for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

I am new to Steam, since I have a Mac. One of my co-workers, Xalener, showed me this beta to Steam for Mac, and I downloaded. I've been looking forward to the day when Steam came to Mac, and now it's finally coming on the 12th! I was also referred to this site by my other co-worker, Arkage.

I'd just like to know what this site is about, and how it works. I didn't see a "What the FreeSteam Project is About" page, so I figured I'd use this Introduction topic to ask questions. Thanks!


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Hey, welcome to Freesteam, for however long you decide to stay!

Freesteam is a resource dedicated to helping users find a free way to access many of the games available in the Steam store. I assume that the Mac version of steam will have a different game file architecture than the PC version of steam, so much of the content published here may very well be unusable to you.

I advise you to stick around and check back every once in a while, because it is very likely that the methods of making Steam "free" will eventually come to the Mac as well, and if they do, Freesteam is where you will find them.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I'd be glad to assist.