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    This latest version is primarily for bug fixes. We have also (re)added a keyboard shortcut for approving selected transactions.

    Full list of changes:


    - Ctrl/Cmd-K is the new "Approve Selected Transactions" shortcut key.


    - YNAB No longer prevents shutdown on Macs.
    - Only the relevant portions of split transactions are shown when viewing the transaction list in the Spending by Category report.
    - Inflow transactions that are categorized as a normal category (as opposed to Income) will now correctly be counted against the spending of that category on the Spending Trends report.
    - Split transactions with a positive (inflow) total no longer ignore their sub-transactions on the Spending Trends report.
    - When matching two imported transctions, YNAB now tries to organize things behind the scenes so that the transaction won't get re-imported from your bank again.
    - Selecting "All Dates" on reports now correctly starts with the first month that you have data, rather than January of the first year you have data.
    - Extra transactions could be visible in the transaction popup on reports when multiple sub-categories had the same name (but different master categories).
    - Fixed a rare error that could occur when moving a transfer to or from an off-budget account.
    - The right Alt key on some Polish keyboards in Windows no longer triggers CTRL shortcuts in the register. (Most notably, typing Alt-N will no longer create a new transaction) Fixed a rare error that could happen after adding a new transaction, scrolling, and resizing the window.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when jumping to a transaction list containing matched transactions from the Payee Settings screen.
    - Fixed a rare error that could occur when checking for updates.
    - The total row is now always at the end of the list. Under rare circumstances, it could get placed elsewhere, which would cause an error when clicked.
    - Fixed a rare error that could occur when viewing the running balance of a certain transaction.
    - Some computers can't display HTML pages within YNAB, and YNAB will now simply offer a link to the content that can't be displayed, rather than displaying an error.
    - Fixed a very rare error that could prevent YNAB from running on Windows.


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