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You'r Setup! (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Computers & Servers' started by Etheco, November 15, 2007.

  1. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    Post pictures of you'r setup.

    Heres mine:

    Main System:

    TV + Stero:

    Post yours now! :D
  2. skoop_steam

    skoop_steam New Member


    NVIDIA 8800GTS
    Ram 320


    core 2 6400
    2128 Mhz X2
    1500Gb space
    2gb Ram

  3. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    lol people still use crt's these days O,o
  4. MaTi

    MaTi Full Member

    Well, few moths ago I had crt too ;) You don't even know how many ppl still use them :)
  5. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    hell yeh :p
  6. freakshw80

    freakshw80 FS Member

    Picture much? :p

    Got the system in June, before price drops of the q6600
    Total price $3200 AUS

    4GB RAM







  7. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    Nice system man :) me likes :p
  8. Mr.NoName

    Mr.NoName Full Member

    Can i have your pc's children?
  9. MaTi

    MaTi Full Member

    I'm so jealous ;)
  10. freakshw80

    freakshw80 FS Member

    Haha thanks guys. Gonna get a 750gb hdd soon, need a couple more 10's

    Then i can say .. "Oh i have over 1tb space"

    Sounds better than like, 900gb :p

    And lookie, bloke above me with his pictures has same case as mine :) Its awesome.
  11. skoop_steam

    skoop_steam New Member

    ye cool pc dude XD i like you still i im thinking about buying a cooling sysem too
    ps. i have 1.5 tb space XD
    and we also have some speakers !!!
    is you mouse a g5?
  12. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    i need another hdd :( but skint atm sadly.
  13. freakshw80

    freakshw80 FS Member

    Nah i have a logitech mx518. Its like almost exact to every otehr logitech mouse. Was on special from 100$ to 50, so i had to buy it :)

    Ye atm i have 500gb, so the 750 wil rasie me to 1.25 TB ^^

    Get that 20$ Neon light with sound. Its hell worth it, makes your PC sexy :)
  14. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    i have mx518 nice mouses tbh :) has your logitech logo worn of on top yet ? :p, mines on its way lol.

    Yeh im at like 500gb now, i want about 750 added :)
  15. freakshw80

    freakshw80 FS Member

    Na logo still there, ive had the mouse for a year or so now. And ye, its really nice... fits my hand perfectly.
  16. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    iv had mine bout a year too, but my logo is startin ti fade :*(, but yeh the mouse is defaintly a top quiality gaming mouse :), but i still miss the first microsoft 5-button mouses they used to make. Them mouses where the bomb shizzle :D
  17. skoop_steam

    skoop_steam New Member

    omg i gonna buy that extra neon light!! ty :)
  18. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I have a computer, and it works.
  19. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    No one else wants to share there work station ? :D
  20. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    Ill share mine, just gota get my camera some new batteries :) That last time I looked in my pc case though... there were "Daddy Long Legs" (spiders) making it their home!
  21. tarantino

    tarantino Guest

    i was considering to buy this case except i found a simple looking one with 500 ps included.

    of course this one has a nice look and ventilation but meh.
  22. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    Heres my pc
  23. spookyman166

    spookyman166 FS Member

    WEll i cant post a pic but my specs

    Hp CTR monitor
    5.1 Surround sound home therta speakers

    AMD 3200+ 64x CPU
    I cant remember my MB
    24bit quad hookup sound card
    Nvida gefore 6600GT
    And about 1.6t space (Was 1t about 2 days ago but i got a new 600gig drive yesterday.)
    all inclosed in a case that looks the apple G3 case.

  24. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

  25. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    What's that mean bleak :confused:
  26. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    i think that mean that for some reason or anotherr his picture has been removed
  27. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

  28. kakosoe

    kakosoe Stealing is not a crime

    I have a lame pc and it can just play css with 150 fps lol 512kbps connection ftw:mad: and btw it only goes to 400
  29. L3m0n4d3

    L3m0n4d3 New Member

    o.o my turn

    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz(cooled by a CNPS9700NT)
    GPU: 2x 7900GT's(gonna upgrade to 2x 8800GTS 512 for DX10!)
    RAM: 2GB DDR2 PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 1066mhz(thinking about 4gb's)
    OS: WinXP Pro x64 ftw(thinking about Vista Ultimate x64)
    MOBO: XFX 680i LT
    MOUSE: Razer Lachesis
    KEYBOARD: Razer Lycosa
    HDD: 2x 74GB(raid 0) @ 10k RPM, <4.2ms seek time!
    Monitor Coming Soon!: HP W1907 19" Widescreen LCD Display

    i'll update with a pics once I move it from my basement into my room with my new keyboard and mouse + monitor ;x

    *edit* btw I use a CRT and im proud of it! but I will be upgrading to a 19inch widescreen lcd display soon :p
  30. nunucbka

    nunucbka Donator

    very nice system man ... I wish I had one of these lol ..... and I got in that 3DMarks test 4 Game tests 31747Marks :p

    as you can see guys my system details below :)
  31. avenger2242

    avenger2242 FS Member

    LOLOL that sounds fun to clean out lol
  32. nunucbka

    nunucbka Donator

    lmao spiders making in their home ! lol :D

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