ZSP RC 1 (Zero Steam Patch)


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- Features -
+ SteamID emulation support for listen/dedicated servers.
+ ValveTestApp filter
+ Play free games such as Synergy online.
+ Supports the "-clientapp" parameter.
+ Patched Key server checks to avoid the "Unable to contact key server" message.
+ Removed annoying news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages.
+ Able to create lobbies so other people can join by IP.
+ Low Voilence patch (Does only work for a few games that call the function).
+ Improved hooking strategie, will not create new Threads or block the process.
+ Server Patcher for easy setup.
+ Able to remove individual Application Ids, games that are filtered wont be shown on the list.

- More features will follow soon, for ideas and suggestions visit our page.

- Installation -
1. Extract all files into your Steam directory, default is "C:\Program Files\Steam"
2. Run ZSP.exe
3. Done

- Notes -
If you get the message "Steam is currently to busy to handle this request" while you
are trying to download a game that is a usual message and can not be fixed. The Steam
server rejects your attempt to download the game because you do not own it, simple as
that. There are a few games which can be downloaded such as Demo games that also include
the whole retail content, or Games that use shared cache files.

- Dedicated Server -
ZSP does not only work with Steam, you can patch your srcds/hlds to use ZSP for
Steam ID emulation. To setup your server with ZSP, run "ServerPatcher.exe" select
your srcds.exe or hlds.exe and let it go. If everything went ok all you have to do
now is place ZSP.DLL in the same directory where your srcds/hlds.exe is located at.
Easy isnt it?

- Options -
You can launch ZSP.exe, hlds.exe, srcds.exe via some additional parameters, to do that create a shortcut
to the executeable and go to the Properties.

You can add following to the command line:

Will show ValveTestApps in your Steam list.

Prevents memory patching inside Steamclient.dll.
NOTE: Will disable Steam ID generation support.

-unsubscribeapp "ids"
Will remove the specified Ids seperated by space from the Application subscription records.

-unsubscribesub "ids"
Will remove the specified Ids sperated by space from the Subscription records.

Removes the Splash Logo when starting up ZSP.


Enjoy :)
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Thanks worked perfect, I come here very often for GCF's and cracks so far very satisfied with the level of moderation.

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