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Dota 2 Update #2 - December 22nd, 2020

- Updated the overhead heal display values to show the amplified values rather than just the base values.

Dota 2 Update - December 22nd, 2020

- Diretide has ended. Diretide Point rewards will no longer be available.
- There will be opportunities to obtain The Hallowed Chest of the Diretide through playtime starting sometime in January.
- Fixed Orb of Venom slow stacking with Orb of Corrosion
- Fixed Cloak of Flames not doing less damage when carried by Illusions (now does 30)

Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added a new game properties dialog, which replaces the old dialog for all Steam games.
  • Fixed displaying the coming soon date for a pre-loaded game

  • Steam Input
    • Added support for software calibration of the PS5 controller gyro
    • Fix issue with Dpad emulation in games using the joyGetPosEx Windows API, ex: Shiren the Wanderer
    • Fix Nintendo Switch origins in Steam Input API not reflecting the current Nintendo/Xbox layout setting

  • Steam Cloud
    • Fixed an issue causing files to swap between users under separate Windows user IDs, and also with some file stored in paths with embedded 64-bit SteamIDs

  • SteamNetworkingSockets
    • P2P connections now may attempt to negotiate a direct connection (punch NAT), if needed, to prevent connections from having very high latency. Added an option in the In-Game settings panel to control when your IP address is shared.

  • Server Browser
    • Fix bug causing LAN server browser search to not show any servers

  • Linux
    • Improved performance of processing incremental Vulkan shader database updates
    • Fixed several issues around skipped Vulkan shader processing continuing in the background after a game has started
    • Disabled shader processing on NVIDIA while driver issues are being looked into
    • Fixed long delay in UI response when hot-plugging a controller

  • macOS
    • Disabled “Enable GPU accelerated rendering in web views” and “Enable hardware video decoding” settings on Apple M1 devices due to poor HW-accelerated performance currently through Rosetta.

Dota 2 Update - December 18th 2020

- Fixed an unintended inclusion of damage reduction on Wrath of Nature

Dota 2 Update - December 18th, 2020

- Base Agility reduced by 4.
- Acorn Shot: Bonus damage reduced from 25/50/75/100 to 20/40/60/80.
- Acorn Shot: Bounce count reduced from 3/4/5/6 to 2/3/4/5
- Bushwhack: Cast range reduced from 1200 to 1000.
- Bushwhack: Radius reduced from 325 to 275.
- Level 20 talent changed from -5 Armor Corruption to -3 Armor Corruption.

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