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File: Advanced Sleep'n'Wake STool
Version: 0 URL:
Description: If you don't know, what Sleep'n'Wake does, then watch the video of the original STool first:
(NOTE: In that video, the original Sleep'n'Wake STool has been used. It only shows, what the 'Sleep' activity does. ADV Sleep'n'Wake hasn't been used in that video!)
NEW: Webbugt has made a video tutorial that includes the Advanced Sleep'n'Wake STool:

Also, the description of the original STool describes the Sleep activity as well:
| With this tool you can freeze physic objects. But it's a special kind of freeze, which is also called 'Sleep'.
| Sleeping physic objects can't move like frozen objects. But if any force (except gravity) is applied to the object, it
| moves again.
| You can use this tool for example on buildings or posed ragdolls. After that, they keep being frozen until they get hit
| by a car, a bullet, a bomb or any other forces and collapse or fall on the ground then.
| It's an useful tool when you want to film for example a person in a special pose who will get punched soon or a
| building that collapses after being hit by a missile.
| You can use it just for fun too. Spawn an army of aiming snipers holding weapons and set them asleep. Then
| use a car or any props and play bowling with them. Or watch a self-made bridge collapsing while you are standing
| on it.
Image: Advanced