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Description: I was thinking about doing an rp map based on the Metro2033 game and book, but i'm not sure i will ever get there.

This zip file contain resources to make such a map:

metro.vmf -> accurate map of the moscow metro network, it isn't at 1:1 scale but it's big enough so the "big ring" is complete (for those who didn't read the book, the "big ring" is the metro line that surround moscow, home of the "Hansa" trader faction)
and the VDNKh station is there too (home station of Artiom)

two maps in jpg format, one is an accurate metro map, the other is a stylised one made by the author of the book which contains informations as to which lines are collapsed, hazards, etc.

I'm not asking anything in return if you use this to make a map, just mention my name.