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File: Bro_21's Finalized Grav Gloves
Version: 3 URL:
Description: Copied From FacepunchStudio's Forum Release:

"Ok so I came back to Gmod after about 2 months. Looking around I find that the grav gloves are really hitting it off. I'm really happy about this, seeing as how I made them 9 months ago. Then I find out the guy that posted them, has no clue that I made them, and he thinks it might have been some other guy. (Who then posted it wasn't him.) I can't PM the guy because he's blocked it. Now, past all of this, the version that's going around isn't even the final one I made. This however is. The sprites are mush better, and the glow forms the hand. Just all in all mush better.

Anyone that has the old model should update to this one.

Only known bug is still that the super grav gun skin is applied inset of the super grav glove skin I made for it. That only happens in Gmod, because garry hard coded the skin change. I'm looking to find the name and placement of the skin he programed it to change to, then I will be able to fix."

As you can see, the version posted on this site is an old and mal-credited version. This version, a mod version, is amazingly better, and, being a mod, you can turn it off if you wish.

To install, simply drop the Grav-Gloves folder into your gmod9/mods, the copy the contents of materials and models into the -modcache.

All credit goes to Bro_21 for this, nice work!

Image: Bro_21's