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File: Clonetrooper Models
Version: 1 URL:
Description: Name: Clonetroopers Star Wars Models

Version: 1

Description: Clonetroopers Star Wars Models for Garry's mod 10.

Requirements: Garry's Mod 10

Clonetrooper 212nd
Clonetrooper 327th
Clonetrooper 41st
Clonetrooper 501st
Clonetrooper ARC Captain
Clonetrooper ARC Commander
Clonetrooper ARC Defaut
Clonetrooper ARC Soldier
Clonetrooper Commander Bacara
Clonetrooper Bee (paratrooper)
Clonetrooper Commander Bly
Clonetrooper Clean
Clonetrooper Commander Cody
Clonetrooper Commander Deviss
Clonetrooper Dirty
Clonetrooper Commander Gree
Clonetrooper Galactic Marine
Clonetrooper Mark 2
Clonetrooper Commander Neyo
Clonetrooper Pilot
Clonetrooper Shadow
Clonetrooper Sky
Clonetrooper Thire

DC-15 Blaster Rifle
DC-15s Blaster Carbine

Mars Marshall, For the original models for Jedi Academy
Me, for porting and rigging for Source.

Release Thread:

Facepunch request thread here.

For all you idiots who can't get it to work.
Move the "clonetrooper models" folder out of the "star wars models" folder and put it in addons.
If you stupid fucks even bothered to look in the folder to see what was wrong then why did I even take the time to make this.

Image: Clonetrooper