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File: cat
Version: 0 URL:
Description: cat demon_mech is a cool package of 3 versons of a mech:

-cat demon(cold):uses gcombat 09
-cat demon(city):uses prop_cannon and turrets
-and a cool cat demon(forest)mech-able/attachmentable mech with
a exclusive package of attachments:
1:70calx4machiegun(2 of those is on the first pic)
2:grenade-master_cannon(fires a grenade wich blows things-to-hell in 5sek)
3:flame cannon, dont you like to BBQ your enemys?
4:plasma minigun= fun
5:red laser
6:red pulse laser
7:a red laser-sight
8:and finaly a protection glass
(how to fire and so on is wroten
behind the attachments name)
requierments for optimized experience:
gcombat-09(if you have -08, GET-09! its better and larger)
cammo materials(just make them look cool)
how to piloting:
-= stand up
1= move left leg
3= move right leg
0= fire jump jets
4,5,6,2= weapon triggers
+= pitch arms up(aim weapons)
enter= pitch arms down(aim weapons)
(works with motor and weld_lach, good working system)
this mechs does not use hover-balls
and have good turning, the
weapons is easy used and easy aimed
extract the cat demon_mech folder to:
have fun with the extremly cool
cat demon_mech!!

Image: cat