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File: G36C SMG Replacement FIX
Version: None URL:
Description: _____________________________________
What Did I fix?
I fixed a sound bug where you would reload and half way through it would be silent due to a short sound. I fixed this bug and it looks way better than the original. If at any point you want to switch over to the original sound, open the zip and click the folder. Then go sound>weapon>smg1 and there it is.
What does this file actually do?
It replaces your SMG gun (by default) into a G36C gun.
Where do I place the folder?
So, unzip the file and open up the "G36C_SMG_Replacement_FIX" in there, drag your mouse over all the folders (including: materials, models, scripts and sounds (no other files)) and copy them into your Garry's Mod Directory (My Computer > Local Disk (C:)> Program Files> Steam> Steamapps> (your username here)> Garrysmod> Garrysmod and paste them inside that folder).

WARNING: It will replace your SMG gun, so if any point you want to get the default weapon back, you must create a backup folder!

I got this file from:


Key Authors
TOC Team
Twinke Masta

FPS Banana Thread:
Animation bug when in multiplayer

Image: G36C