A.M.M.O. mod for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Updated

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, July 8, 2013.

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    Version 3.00.03101 - A.M.M.O. mod for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

    + Update: Heavy tank now retains its turrets after respawning.
    + Update: Switching from a heavy tank to a lighter one should no longer
    give the latter extra turrets sticking out from its chassis.
    + Update: Multiplayer should now show the correct chassis models being
    used by all other players.
    + New: Respawning will now restore you to your last loadout.
    + New: Terminals are now activated by proximity.
    + New: Blue team will now spawn green models. Solely for the purpose of
    testing and feedback.

    -- Known bug: Switching chassis' very quickly still causes the extra turrets... next build will implement a timer to avoid this condition.

    -- Known bug: Steam Overlay can cause crashes or texture loss...
    It is suggested especially for AMD/ATI users to turn off Steam overlay for this build.

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