a password steal easy program


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so on the threads i've been hearing a lot about like scripting to get a password e-mailed to you, but i also heard there's an easy program that "updates" steam or something, that you can trick noobs with. anyone know it?
Look in da post beloWW1!!11!!1 lol steam password stealer
read it
go to tripod.com

create a free account
give me the username and password
i will send you .exe
and u send tht to bigger noob
check ftp on triopod
get username and password
message if ur interested
Alright ill message you the exe link,all you do is pass it off as somthing else,so its like a trojan
pass it off as a cs hack or bind it,but find a good binder or anti viruses pick it up
so send it,wait for a system restart of your victims and watch the passwords pile into your ftp :p
easy as that

read my topic to see everything it does
wait, so in tripod.com you send me a message, and i bind it? dude your not talking 2 a comptuer hacker here-my friends think i'm a hacker because i jailbroke my ipod and used undead patch. Should i just make an xfire account and give the program to some people? and how do i get them to send it into cuteftppro

PLEASE be gentle with the noob
Okx FallOwZ My WOrDZ!~`~~

1.click the little caution sign under my name so it sends me a pm(private message)
2.go to Free Website Hosting - Tripod free website templates to make your own free website
3.create a free account
4.heres the tricky part,go back the the pm screen from step 1 and send me the username and password of the tripod account you just created
5.look in your pm's for a message from me with a link,download the file to your DESKTOP as its right infront of you,now minimize (-) all open windows
right click (fsteam.exe) on your desktop and click rename
6.rename the file to anything you want
7.tell people online that its a cs hack(counter strike cheat) so when they download the file from you the getzorz Teh Viruz!!11!!11one
8.then go to ftp.tripod.com
9.enter in your username and password on the prompt screen
10.look for steampass##########
11.click it
12.look at it
13.enter the username as your login
14.enter password as your password
here is the txt file sent decryptin


15.use those IN THAT ORDER

if tht was too confusing look below for a different methood

the easy way.....
download brutus,brute force a site admin,look at a losers ip,port scan and ping the ip in dos by using ping and my port scanner.tracert the location of the ip and then ftp connect to it through dos to see there files.look at one called FreEePrOnO.exe.notavirus.jpg open this file and then upload it to your newly found ftp.once there open a c#editor of your choice and script a trojan and bind it to tht exe.upload the new file and pass it off as free porn.so now you own sombodys CompuTer!!!!1one11!

naw jk,but thats all ya need to do(the top one)
lol ive been using sk8mores and some guy figured it out and sent me this as his user name and password lol i will get the police involved if you dont give me my account back -- dsdsa (anyone wanna tell me if im danger? lol)
the funny thing is..he acts like i can send him a message back through the account stealer lol i made a vid on youtube and used the account stealer as the file you would dl to get it lol