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    Title: Game Update 8th February 2013

    Build: 2180

    • Improvements have been made to client and server synchronisation.
    • Some stability changes have been made to stop some crashes.

    • Diamond Mine messaging changed to avoid repeatedly displaying the same message.
    • Rocketeer has been given the pickaxe as an option on the Choose Class screen.
    • CTF now has a score limit is now 5 rather than 50
    • CTF captures are worth 1 point now instead of 10
    • The mysterious sound of placing a block no longer happens when you don't have any blocks to place
    • The achievement “Dead Drop” now unlocks correctly
    • Reticule no longer turns red when hitting a friendly character.
    • Reticule no longer turns red when firing at the area of a dead character.
    • Rocket Turret now explodes when it has fired 10 rockets rather than when it has run out of time.


    • Winter Valley skybox has been better aligned with sea level.
    • Class icons added to in game scoreboard.
    • Names and icons turn red on the in game scoreboard if the player has been killed.
    • Multiple ammo boxes will no longer spawn on the same point at the same time.
    • Flare blocks correctly displayed when placed on water.
    • Improvements to indicator showing whether a block can be placed or not.
    • Tilde key function has been removed
    • Lighting is correctly removed when a Flare Block is destroyed

    User Interface
    • The clickable area to sort by Ping on the Choose Match Menu has been expanded to cover the whole of the word
    • All buttons in the menus increase in brightness when the mouse hovers over.

    Language Specific

    • Spelling mistake in French version, “Soyez le dernier joueur à poser une bombe avec succès, puis remportez la manche.” is now fixed

    Classic Mode
    • Player is now able to sprint at the right speed after capturing the intel - not while you are holding it.
    • The CP is now double-sided. If a player camps inside the player will not be able to see out. Sneaky spawn campers!
    • ]CTF now has a score limit is now 5 rather than 50
    • CTF captures are worth 1 point now instead of 10

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