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    Updates to Altitude have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    New Maps:

    • Added tbd_underpark (thanks Mandrad)Updated tbd_cave
    • Biplane (All Forms) increased turning rate by 1.5% (6.5 -> 6.6)
    • Biplane (Dogfighter, Recoilless) increased primary weapon ejection velocity (17 -> 19, note: reduced lifetime so that max travel distance is unchanged)
    • Biplane (Dogfighter, Recoilless) slightly increased primary weapon damage (38 -> 39)
    • Biplane (Heavy Cannon) slightly increased primary weapon damage (109 -> 112)Bomber (All Forms) decreased turning rate by 2.9% (7.0 -> 6.8)
    Feature Additions:
    • Mouse Control: press F1 to open the console and type "mouse true" to activate
    • LAN Servers tab added to server list
    • Improved "Pilot Certification" tutorial
    • Export -> Screenshot added to map editor
    • Hangar Deck -> Community Points now allows you to hover your point total for a points-by-source breakdownBots that just spawned and are pursuing a stationary objective powerup (e.g. the ball after a goal was just scored) will fly at half throttle to give non-bot teammates a chance to grab the powerup first
    Bug Fixes:
    • Tightened Miranda teleport collision check to prevent exploits
    • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent dunks from scoring (dunk = flying directly into the goal while carrying the ball)
    • Fixed rare bug that allowed more than one ball to enter play
    • Fixed team switch bug in 1-life modes
    • Fixed console auto-completion bug
    • Fixed rare bug that caused objects near the edge of the screen to flicker
    • Fixed incorrect badge display on award screen caused by players leaving while the awards are showing
    • Fixed a bug that prevented nickname changesFixed a few miscellaneous bugs

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