Beginning of the network

Yes, we are starting to create a network. We only have a few servers, but that's better than none.

Web Servers / Content Server:

Alpha = (Main)
Bravo = (Content) - 50GB Storage
Charlie = (Content) - ??? Storage
Delta = (Content) - 15GB Storage
God = (Content) - 100GB Storage

Communication Servers:

Earth = (? Slot) - Vent
Mars = (8 Slot) - Vent
Pluto = (100 Slot) - Team Speak 2
Mercury = (50 Slot) - Team Speak 2

You can use our communication servers if you want.
If you cannot use team speak, ask me and I will register you a name.


Special thanks:
tommeh - Content 2, ??GB
w00ter - Content 3, 15GB
Ray - TS2, 50 Slot
drag0n - TS2, 100 Slot
TRiPSEV - 100GB Content
The Freesteam team!
More content servers for sure, I gave P3nG3l the login to the 50gb one, so I bet it's full already lol.

I'm hoping to get full access to a webserver.
Added another content server
. 15GB more to our collection.
1337 copies of FSCafeLauncher.exe and a the rest with text files containing the text, " pwnts Valve".