Best Way to make money!

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You take your old shit you have laying around and sell it on Ebay, i should my old CD player i bought for like $20 for $38. It's so good. Then you can buy a better one and sell it, and keep going until you have like $200 and buy bulk items and sell them.
Actually the best way is to get a job like I did. It payed off real good. Or you can make a website and put Google ads on it and make ~$25 a day so thats ~$125 in 4 days like I'm doing.
786Fighter, you need to learn some math. What is $25 times 4? It is NOT $125!! It is $100!!! Also, learn how to spell 'paid'.
it really is easy to make money on ebay. so many noobs on there. i charged outragous postage prices and they still paid.

$28 bucks for a 40gig hdd + $15 postage. ahahahahaha
Wow, also if you get onto good wholesale sites, I know a few, you can get great deals on items for hella cheap. Then resell for good prices.
Not really, you can easily go to a UPS store and they do all that for you. You charge for shipping too ya know?
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