Blogger gets $200 check from HP for declining Vista's EULA

Discussion in 'News' started by FSOwner, July 22, 2008.

  1. FSOwner

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    Blogger uncle_benji went over to Best Buy and purchased an HP dv6815nr for $599.99 plus tax. When he saw the Windows Vista EULA and the HP EULA, he decided he wanted to move to Linux. He wasn't happy that there wasn't an option to decline the EULA, but didn't take his revenge on Microsoft by just grabbing one of the many Linux distro install discs. Nope, first things first: this user decided to call HP and demand a refund for Microsoft's latest operating system. After all, Microsoft's EULA does say to contact the manufacturer if the user does not agree with it. This user simply took it a step further and made sure that he was not paying for something he wasn't going to use.

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  2. rushil01

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    who would buy a $200 check for $250?

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